Thursday, May 20, 2010

Long time bloggin'!!!!!

I have been soooo bad at updating this thing!!!! 3 months seriously?????? 3 months have already gone by without an update? You would think I was busy or something. ::))))) Oh my, so much to tell...................
First of all, I'm very sad to say that our camera chip was corrupted so bad, we are unable to retrieve our pics. ::(((( I had so many random pics of them walking, outside playing in the grass and most of all, their first bday pics. :( sooooo sad, but I've learned my lesson the hard way, always download pics as soon as I'm done taking them!!! Luckily, my mom took lots of pictures at their bday party so at least I will have those to remember the day by.

They now have 7 teeth each. Four on top and three on the bottom. I really wish all there teeth would come in at one time. I would take a week of constant slobber, crabbiness, all that goes with teething just so they could be done and not have to go through it again. Anytime you say 'cheese', they wrinkle up their nose, squeeze there eyes and smile!!!! :) cutest thing ever!!!!!

Brinkley officially started walking on April 12th! I put her at the end of our hallway and bribed her with my phone and she walked down the hall, through our living room and into the dining room before falling down!!! I might have been more excited than her, as I was clapping and screaming, "way to go Brinkley!!! you're such a big girl, yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!! " So I informed our babysitter she was walking. The funny thing is, she would never walk at her house, only at home. :) I have no idea why, but I would ask everyday, so was she walking everywhere? And the answer was always no. She is now walking all the time over there, but for the first few days refused to walk at her house. Yeah, she is her dads child, strange...... ::::)))))))

Braelynn isn't walking on her own, she will stand up in the middle of the room on her own, with no help, walk around toys, couch, chair, etc. But the moment you let go of her little hand, she stops, looks up at you and starts to crawl instead. That's our Braelynn!!!! We have learned not to rush her into anything, she will do it when she is willing and ready. And to be honest, Brinkley walking is enough right now!! :)

Braelynn has always been one to learn quicker with talking anyway. She will sit there and study what you are saying and within minutes, be mocking what you just did. We were looking out the window at the neighbors dog, and it took me three times of asking, what does a dog say? And before I knew it, she was grunting 'ruff ruff.' The same thing when I was teaching her where her head, tummy, ears, etc. were. She picked up on it within minutes!!!! She is soo smart!! She is saying lots of words, the usual: momma, dadda, bottle (bot bot), night night, j j (for Jadyn), no and always shakes her head at same time, shakes her head 'yes' whenever you say the word, etc. Waves bye bye, putting her hand into a fist and opening it over and over, blows very good kisses :) She has more stories than I ever knew existed!!!

Brinkley also says momma, dadda, ba ba (bottle), jj for Jadyn, shakes head for yes and no, waves bye bye sticks her arm straight out, hand open wide and moves her hand back and forth. If you ask if she is going 'night night', she will grab her pillow and put her head down and close her eyes. Then sits up and laughs. She is our climber. I turned my back one day for a split second, and she was up in the recliner, looking out the window!! She will climb on everything, in everything, etc.

They LOVE to be outside playing. Braelynn is terrified of the grass touching her feet. She will sit on the ground with her legs in the air and cry. :))) So I have to lay a blanket down for her, while Brinkley is off running to the nearest tree or to our dogs kennel. We still go on walks almost every night. They got a new twin umbrella stroller for their bday, so we tested that the other night. They sit side by side, so they were talking the whole way!!

On May 12, 2010 was the big day!!!!!!! I'm still in shock that its been a year!!!! Seems like it was yesterday I just had them!!! So bittersweet............... glad they are more active and at an age where they say something new everyday or do something new versus them just sitting around, wrapped up sleeping. On May 15th, we had their bday party at our house, with family and friends on our deck. The weather was beautiful!!!!! Sunny skies and around 70 degrees. Janell made their cakes, which was a two-tiered marbelled orange, purple color. I had two B's on the top. They each had their own cake to blow the candle out and to eat!!! They took after big sister and hardly dug into their cake at all!!!! I took their hands and even smashed it into the cake, but they just barely licked the frosting off their fingers. :( Oh well!!!!

We had their one year pics taken on the 19th, so at least I will have those pics!!! I'm still so upset about losing their pics. :( I guess I could dress them up in their bday outfits again, with their tiaras and take new pics!!! They will never know!! LOL

I hope I'm not forgetting anything since its been forever since I've blogged!!!!! And I will have pics next time too!!! Hopefully it won't happen again!! :)

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  1. What a bummer about the pics!!! Happy birthday to the girls! Can't wait to see the one year pictures.